Brisbane city has so many beautiful character filled locations for an engagement shoot. Far too many to list or show in one session. So if you are looking for a guide or suggestions I would love to help you out!

Kaisi & Michael’s session was the perfect afternoon out, the sun was warm I got to know them as a couple which is definitely a benefit of an engagement session and we explored the city a little bit! They are the perfect example of a couple who’s love is destined to last. They know what they like and want for their wedding, when I first started talking to Kaisi about their shoot she proudly showed me an image of her custom made wedding shoes. Straight away I knew their wedding will be genuine and all about them. Today I read a beautiful article about filling your wedding day with your memories and emotions, not items or photo request lists found on pinterest or well meaning wedding advice blogs. I really wish that more couples were like K&M who ultimately will have the Best wedding day!

inside the brisbane town hall ballroom
engagement session inside the front doors of the brisbane town hall
kaisi and michael kissing in anzac square brisbane
engagement session in anzac square brisbane
engagement photos in anzac square brisbane
engagement photos at st michaels cathedral in Brisbane
engagement session inside the brisbane town hall