This is the beautiful story of Majella who meets the boy of her dreams (Casey) and a result packs up her life and moves to Seattle. Now Seattle’s weather is a little different to Brisbane but these two are so in love that little details like that, don’t even matter! They returned to Majella’s family home to have the most wonderful, intimate wedding and I was thrilled to be a part of their day. So many members of Majella’s family helped and made things for the day, to make it really special. My absolute favorite detail of the day was the paper bouquet made by Joanne, Majella’s sister (inlaw), anyone can order flowers but the love that went into this is everything that a wedding day should be about.

majella getting ready the mcneese wedding
handmade paper bouquet the mcneese wedding
where the bride grew up the mcneese wedding
pageboy at the church getting instruction the mcneese wedding
father and daughter walking down the isle the mcneese wedding
the father handover to husband the mcneese wedding
inside the church the mcneese wedding
a lovely moment outside the church the mcneese wedding
the second shooter at the mcneese wedding