If you are not getting married in a church, and there is no right or wrong here simply a matter of tradition or personal choices. Then you are going to have to secure the services of a wedding celebrant. Now celebrants should not only be considered on how well you feel they present to you but I think the most important part of hiring a celebrant is will their ceremony style suit you. It’s quite shocking how many people I have spoken to that thought you had to do the ceremony a certain way and just add in some personal vows/traditions. This is where a celebrant like Josh comes into the mix. I recommend visiting his site via the link and having a look around. He certainly has re invented the wedding ceremony and he has a lot of great advice to share!

This particular article he has written Silly traditional things celebrants say in weddings not only will make you laugh but give you a better understanding of the importance of having your own ceremony and choosing a wedding celebrant that suits you as a couple.

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