I listened to a great podcast this morning about what it meant to be a wedding photographer.

The wedding photographer in question is someone in the United States that I admire quite a lot! His name is Sam Hurd, he spoke about instincts and knowing where to be and what to capture on a wedding day.
To be honest a lot of things he spoke about had me saying “yes” out loud to.  I feel that I have always had an inner voice or instinct that directs me when I shoot, a lot of the time I can’t explain how I know but I just know where to be or what I should be doing to get the shot.
He also said that this came with experience and you know I had never thought of it like that before,
every little thing that I have experienced on a shoot particularly during a wedding is a memory. Something to help me recognise the next time I sense that same feeling or thought.
Confidence is also something he spoke about, the confidence to shift or help things to be the way they look best on a wedding day, not being scared to try different things.
Delivery is key here, having a way with people isn’t something that you can learn it is in you from the beginning.
I believe that I possess this skill and the more I listened the more I realised this is what I should be putting forward.
When people ask me why should they book me over someone that charges less than I do it is this! I love wedding photography this isn’t just a way to earn money I’m in this 110%.
My experience is worth what I charge I’m not turning up and taking random photos I’m thinking about everything, I’m an observer that skill is part of who I am.
So please if you are reading this and are the slightest bit interested in finding an excited wedding photographer who will put everything into your day give me a call!