I will always organise this part of the day with you before the wedding so you know exactly what to expect!
I offer unique timelines for every couple and will go over choices for your group and family photos.

On your wedding day you will have a small window of time for some wonderful portraits and I thought it might help if I listed some of my tips for this part of the day.

Leave at least 60 minutes for photos after the ceremony.
Have your photographer come up with some great landscape locations for you to choose from that reflect the best the area has to offer.
Go over a wet weather photo option just in case.
Try not to choose a location too far from where you have the ceremony or reception, travelling time can be stressful on a wedding day.
Consider the time of day when choosing a location especially if your heart is set on a sunset photo in the middle of summer
Make sure there isn’t another event planned in the location on that day or time.
Do you need a permit to have photos taken there? Councils in different areas can advise on this one.
If it is private property you will need the owners permission.
Some places that require a permit will also need the photographer to have liability insurance, your photographer really should have this!
Have your photographer scout the area in the week before hand if possible at the same time of day.
Have someone in the bridal party responsible for light refreshments to keep everyone hydrated.
Organise transport, check on parking or restrictions for that day.
Take comfortable walking shoes you can slip on.
Make sure your nominated go-to person is aware of the timeline and where you will be.
Smile and have fun! Your photographer has everything under control.