I just don’t know where time goes! posting beautiful blog posts always goes to the bottom of my to do list, so I am setting myself a challenge this wedding season to blog more! Starting with this gorgeous  wedding from Roma Street Parklands.

Whenever I’m asked about wedding advice I’m mindful that everyone is always trying to give the couple opinion’s which is not always the most helpful thing to do. The one thing I will say is that the timeline for the day will dictate how the day will flow and getting that right will absolutely increase your enjoyment of the day.

So my one piece of advice is start the ceremony three hours before sunset at that time of year. This will enable you to mingle with guests and not rush through your photos before the sun goes down. A perfect example of this below we even managed to take some off camera flash images when the sun went down to finish off the portraits, not only does this make for beautiful images but everyone feels relaxed and enjoys themselves.