Justin and Leigh’s day was the perfect example of a wedding done right, I read something the other day which resonated so much with me I have to share it with you.


“Guys we need to talk

Today was incredible

No one asked me to do anything. No one told anyone how to do their job.

Everybody had crazy fun.


Because they weren’t freaking stress heads.

They were just there to damn well enjoy the day.

They trusted their team.

Everyone was there to celebrate, not to micro manage.

If you think you’ll need to micro manage on your wedding day you are doing it wrong.

Just sit back and enjoy it. It will go by so fast, so just take it in!”


Guys your wedding day was an absolute joy, it was beautiful, incredible and I can’t wait to see you living your absolute best lives as I know you will xxxxx

I smiled so much my face was actually sore the day after 🙂