This is one of the most asked questions that I have from brides and I also belong to a few wedding forums where Brides have either asked this (a lot) or have come back to say that they actually hated how they looked on their wedding day, which I think is utterly heartbreaking!

Your wedding day is something you have dreamt about for quite some time. With the amount of “inspiration” on social media though you can get quite caught up in what the internet thinks you should do on your wedding day.

My advice is just don’t overthink things! Do you ever get a spray tan or use tanning products? If the answer is no well then why the heck would you decide to do it for your wedding day?

One girl in one of these forums tried to tan the day before by someone she had never even met, she felt so self conscious ALL day as she had gone wayyy to dark for her complexion, her photos were hard to look at. She looked like she had entered a body building comp she was that dark, and her resulting mood showed in every single photo that she posted. So instead of relaxed and happy she looked anxious and sad.

A few others had commented that her photographer might be able to help her out and “adjust” her colour in the photos. Well listen to a degree we can, if you show me a photo and say I look too brown or orange can you tone back the colour I would say yes I can do that, if you ask me to do a thousand photos I would have a completely different answer for you. It’s not like waving a wand over the image you have to target a specific colour range in one area of an image otherwise you change the colour of everything in that tonal range. The one thing they were all missing was we cannot change your mood in the photos, everything you are feeling on the inside shows visibly on the outside. Thats why you sometimes see stiff posing and couples who look directed to the point where they are just standing there.

There is a real skill to making you feel comfortable on your wedding day, so relax and enjoy the day, stay off social media when planning what you want to look like, just look like the best version of yourself and your images will capture you on one of the happiest days of your lives!

Like Leigh and Justin above, stunning couple who did everything their way on the day and it was FABULOUS !!