How do you choose a location for photo’s ?

I get a lot of questions about how my couples choose their locations for an engagement shoot.

It totally depends on the couple and how much time we have.

An engagement shoot you will have a lot of time to plan and get the location just right. Unlike portrait time on your wedding day which will be determined by how much time you have allowed and the locations around the venue.

Dan & Beau knew what they wanted for their engagement shoot, we discussed it and had images for reference. The only problem was that the weather had been so dry , I cant remember the last time it rained properly. So our problem was all of the waterfalls locally were either completely dry or reduced to a very small body of water. Rather than cancel and crush their dreams I decided to split their engagement shoot in half, one now at another location and the second once it has rained after the wedding.

Keeping dreams alive is important to me, because they have their heart set on those images. We chose another fun location that they both liked and even had time for a quick 2nd spot as the sun set.

So we wait for the storm season and the bonus will be its a bit warmer in the water too! For the moment though they are thrilled with this first session and are looking forward to their wedding coming up in 5 days!!