Lets talk honestly here, we all know that weddings are one of the biggest expenses, next to your home and raising children that you will face in life.

So it intrigues me when I know that a brides dress is in a certain price range and they are hesitant to look at photography equal or above that price range.

Both things have the power to make you look good on your wedding day!

Your dress however will not help your photographer take better images, or be understanding of lighting, posing and be great with your family and friends. Photographer 1 Dress 0

Your dress will spend max 13 hours with you, your photographer (I can only speak from my experience here) will burn through that 13 hours before the wedding day even arrives. Then you have the day. Then there is the editing and delivery, on average I spend approx 50 hours per wedding if I’m being honest with myself. So again Photographer wins that challenge.

I’ve heard of people framing their dresses, and I’m like what? Why on earth would you do that? I don’t understand that at all! Not even going to pretend that I do! Your photographer gives you hundreds of little pieces of your heart to look at and display (because thats perfectly normal) for the rest of your life, your children’s lives and their children etc etc, you get the picture.

Now the not so fun part about being a photographer, Australia has taxes, a shit tonne of them, like if I earn $3000 Im going to be giving the Australian government around $1000 of that. Don’t get me wrong I’m not disrespecting all the dresses and talented artists who create them I just want to start a conversation about perceived value. The value of wedding photography and a great wedding photographer who like the talented artist creating your dress spend hours keeping their skills updated, always learning. Buying the tools they will need and always updating them.

Research your photographer and if their images speak to you, like you do your dress.

Nicole xx