I going to speak today, about something I want more couples to think about for their wedding celebration.

I don’t want to call them wedding receptions anymore! With couples realising they can do the whole day their way why do we still call the party a reception? Doesn’t it sound like a whole heap more fun if you’re invited to a cocktail party or a wedding celebration? I know what I’d rather attend!

Cocktail stye is the very best way to go! more mingling, more fun, loads more dancing and lively conversations. There are tall tables and stools to lean or sit at, wait staff bring a variety of finger food constantly around so no one goes hungry, and if you do have older guests or someone that does want to sit in one spot you can opt for a few tables that don’t have to have names or table settings! You can still decorate tables but no need for place cards (or wasting time planning them). Spend your money on a great bar.

Let your guests talk to and be with who they want to, let the bride and groom mingle freely all night.

As for photo’s there is no camparison, cocktail style wins hands down, candid funny and joyful images of people really enjoying themselves. I can be silently moving around with a longer lens capturing every natural moment without detection.

Just remember the last party you attended that was sensational, did they ask you to sit in one spot for a large amount of time at the start? Why would they thats crazy!!

Just to prove my point how fab does this party look? It was epic! trust me.