What your wedding morning looks like for me.
I’ll have a small sleep in and not run, I don’t want to be tired at the end of the day. I’ll have breakfast at my house and a coffee from my local coffee shop, I purposely won’t eat anything I’ve never eaten before in case it doesn’t agree with me. I’ll pack all of my gear and snacks in the car well before I leave so nothing gets left behind, when I leave I only then have to get myself out the door.
I make sure I have a 30 min buffer for traffic. When I get to the first location, I’m usually only shooting briefly (mostly groom prep) so I cover details and events and when I’m done I’ll then travel to where you are getting ready. I blend in to your morning quietly working through all of the mental lists of a wedding day I have. Because I have a run sheet for myself and I’ve already prepared you for what I’ll be doing you won’t be thinking about me at all. I won’t have to ask you for anything because we are organised. I get to meet the important people in your life and I have fun, I love getting to know people and to see your wedding day unfold and most importantly see you love what the day brings. I’ll snack between locations and you won’t notice but I’m hydrated and not hungry. I’ll organise your photos after the ceremony and deliver you back to the guests on the time we’ve agreed on, and once again I’ll blend back into the party to finish our coverage. When we leave I get home and pop all of my gear into my safe no matter what. The next morning all of the downloading and backup starts, your images will be stored in 3 places and the cards from the cameras kept aside until your images are delivered. My cameras both shoot to dual cards so there is always two copies of everything even before I back up. I guarantee delivery time so you’ll always know when to expect the images and gallery! The reason I’m so invested in telling you all of this is today in a forum I belong to a couple were told that their wedding footage had been lost, gone forever! Don’t take a chance with your day, you are paying a professional price for a reason. Professionals take precautions with every detail because our business is your wedding day!