For a while now I have been working behind the scenes for couples to produce a run sheet or timeline for their wedding day.

2020 really changed the landscape for wedding photographers, moving forward what are photographers going to look like to couples?

I want to offer more to a wider range of couples as in the past I have only drawn up timelines for weddings that I was a part of. I’m happy to announce that when weddings start back up later this year I am offering my time line service to any couple, even if I’m not shooting your wedding. So if you are eloping or having a smaller wedding I’m here for you. If you have a small budget and the photography package you have does not have a solid timeline built specifically for you, I’m here to assist.

I will only be charging for my time and you will receive a professional and personal timeline that will set you up to succeed and have a amazing wedding day!

Ask yourself do you want to go into your wedding day with confidence and know that you will have time for everything that is important to you?

I hate hearing couples say that there wasn’t enough time for enjoying the moment or that things they had planned didn’t work out because a timeline that wasn’t prepared properly for their circumstances. Timelines only work for the couple they were prepared for, if nothing else believe this!

Timelines are like anything there are great ones and there are bad ones. Bad ones generally are created in a rush, through inexperience or with poor information. Unfortunately a bad one leaves you with regrets on your wedding day.

Everything counts when drawing up a timeline – time of year, locations before and after the ceremony, where you will all be before the ceremony, if anyone has a surprise for the other person. The list goes on and I have seen so many things you wouldn’t even think about go wrong on a wedding day. A great timeline will afford you time to fix the little things that may pop up with human error not bad planning.

I am a planner and I live for behind the scenes structure on a wedding day it makes my job so much more rewarding and enjoyable.

If you want more info shoot me a message 0432 592065 or through my socials or webpage.

I will be charging a flat fee of $99.00 for a wedding day timeline and it will be put together with your unique set of circumstances. A timeline can be three + hours of work collectively.

If I’m shooting your wedding this is free and already taken care of!

I will provide a draft and you get to revise and discuss changes to suit your needs. The final copy will be in your hands one month before your big day which allows for last minute changes to be included and gives you the security of knowing a month out your plan for the day is solid.

Follow these easy steps –

Pay with the secure paypal button below (credit cards accepted)

Once confirmation comes through I will email or text (your preference) a easy to fill in question sheet to help me frame out your wedding day.

By email or text whichever you prefer I work until you are thrilled with the timeline. Remember I am all about making sure your day is exactly what you want and all of the details will be decided by what you value, not what other couples or venues think will work best.

Nicole xx