Styling a shoot can be a lot of fun and very rewarding if its done correctly. When you decide to collaborate with other people make sure that you all have a similar vision for what the images will look and feel like. Its also a good idea to break up all the components including sourcing the products and evenly divide the workload between all of the participants. No one likes to feel like they did much more work than anyone else!

As the photographer I will always discuss how long the shoot will go for and I’ll make sure that we have a timeline so everyone knows the part that they will be playing on the day. I’ll also discuss what each person would like from the photography and I’ll make sure that each person from the day always has their own personal gallery of images delivered for them to use as they wish.

Having a list to email the crew involved in the day with everyone’s email and social details makes it so much easier to share and tag when using the images.