Hello, I’m Nicole

I am a professional wedding photographer based on the beautiful Gold Coast. I’ll travel to any fabulous location you desire to get married in.

My heart lies with outdoor weddings, I also adore water based locations. Nature is my thing the colours the vibe, everything about it!

I quickly discovered that my organising skill on a wedding day is something that my couples love,

I genuinely thought everyone could organise as well as I did! I love timelines and making sure all the other vendors are happy, which keeps everything running smoothly, quietly in the background.


I have always been drawn to art and beautiful images. Photography has always been a way for me to explain or show people how their experiences and happiness looked. Wedding days are the place where I feel the most creative and alive as a photographer, I want my couples to enjoy themselves on their wedding day so while I strive to shoot candid images of how the day looked I will always be mindful that a small amount of encouragement and direction will help you look your best and make you feel more comfortable.

I have been described as calm and confident and have wedding experience.

Blending in and giving you exactly what you need is my wedding day priority.



On your wedding day I will keep everything on time, I will always discuss the timeline for the day with you before and I’m more than happy to provide you with the perfect timeline tailored to your needs. There is a skill to keeping the day fun and about you! AND getting the images you will love. I always have the option of shooting with a second photographer if you have a big wedding or the prep locations are a long distance away from each other.

I also include drone photos, as long as the weather co operates with us.

Should you also hire a videographer rest assured that I will always work alongside them seamlessly, we certainly have some of the best artists right here on the coast!