– Hello I’m Nicole –

I love photography like you love each other!

I am a based on the Gold Coast in Queensland but will absolutely travel to wherever your special place in the world is. I find myself shooting mostly on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane and northern NSW where there is a HUGE variety of really special locations if you don’t already have something in mind.

Late afternoon is the perfect time to organise a shoot as the light is warm and soft, family sessions can be at your home where your family can play in the yard or maybe you have welcomed a new baby and want to remember how special this time is. If you want a natural setting we can take advantage of the beaches, or little hidden creeks and fields if you would like a beautiful location. You may have a favourite activity or spot and want to include that in your session the more personal your location is the better your images will be.

When I first started shooting weddings I genuinely thought everyone could organise as well as I did! I love timelines and making sure all the other vendors are happy, which keeps everything running smoothly and quietly in the background. You wont even notice I’m there and when you look at your images you’ll wonder how on earth I captured so many personal beautiful moments.

I have always been drawn to fine art and beautiful images. Photography has always been a way for me to explain or show people how their experiences and happiness looked.

When I was young my father owned film cameras and we have so many photos of great family times and places. In high school I spent a lot of time in the dark room processing film that I shot myself. My whole life I’ve always had a camera at events or days out and I have albums and books full of holidays.

Photos that I take are a product of every book I have ever read, place I have been, image that I’ve seen and person that I’ve met! I see things differently to other people, I see light and how it changes and I can look at a person or place and know instinctively how to capture that moment.



During my family sessions there are no hard and fast rules I have no expectations of how you should pose I would rather capture you loving on each other, hanging out with your people and doing the things you love.

Photos are the most precious way to document this time. I want to create images that show the real story of your family and the little things that you love!

Weddings are incredible full and joyful days where everyone you love and cherish come together to celebrate you, I have so much love for wedding days and all of the little details and moments that come together to tell your unique story.