I love photography like you love each other!

I am a based on the Gold Coast in Queensland but will absolutely travel to wherever you get married. If you have a unique location or a multi day celebration get in touch. Im all about going the extra mile as part of my services for special events.

I’m obsessed with outdoor weddings, nature is the perfect location the colours & light are gorgeous!

When I first started shooting weddings I genuinely thought everyone could organise as well as I did! I love timelines and making sure all the other vendors are happy, which keeps everything running smoothly and quietly in the background. You wont even notice I’m there and when you look at your images you’ll wonder how on earth I got so many moments you didn’t even know existed.

I have always been drawn to fine art and beautiful images. Photography has always been a way for me to explain or show people how their experiences and happiness looked.

When I was young my father owned film cameras and we have so many photos of great family times and places. In high school I spent a lot of time in the dark room processing film that I shot myself. My whole life I’ve always had a camera at events or days out and I have albums and books full of holidays.

Photos that I take are a product of every book I have ever read, place I have been, image that I’ve seen and person that I’ve met! I see things differently to other people, I see light and how it changes and I can look at a person or place and know instinctively how to capture that moment.



On your wedding day I will keep everything on time, I will always discuss the timeline for the day with you before and I’m more than happy to provide you with the perfect timeline tailored to your needs. There is a skill to keeping the day fun AND getting the images you will love. I always have the option of shooting with a second photographer if you have a big wedding or the preparation locations are a long distance away from each other.

I also include drone photography, as long as the weather co operates with us.

Should you also hire a videographer rest assured that I will always work alongside them seamlessly, we certainly have some of the best artists right here on the Gold Coast!