Hello, I’m Nicole

I am a professional wedding photographer based on the beautiful Gold Coast. I’ll travel to any fabulous location you desire to get married in.

My heart lies with outdoor and country weddings, I also adore water based locations. Nature is my thing the colours the vibe, everything about it!


I have always been drawn to art and beautiful images. Photography has always been a way for me to explain or show people how their experiences and happiness looked. Wedding days are the place where I feel the most creative and alive as a photographer, I want my couples to enjoy themselves on their wedding day so while I strive to shoot candid images of how the day looked I will always be mindful that a small amount of encouragement and direction will help you look your best and make you feel more comfortable. I have been described as calm and confident and have enough wedding experience to assist you with your wedding timeline on the day. Blending in and giving you exactly what you need is my wedding day priority.



I’m lucky to be able to work with my husband on a wedding day, he assists with candid groom prep photo’s and acts as a second pair of eyes during your ceremony. He assists with group and portrait time and loves to get drone photo’s for you during this time. The other passion I share with my husband is running, we usually choose a marathon in another country each year and train and travel with friends, it really is a great way to see different places that I would probably not get to see normally, running is also great to keep me in shape and connected to my girlfriends. Spending a full day on your feet carrying heavy gear around requires a certain amount of fitness and I like to look good on your wedding day!

My image here is one that I’m super proud of, not because it’s a perfect image but it is a beautiful memory of my greatest running achievement to date shared with my husband and best friend in South Africa when we ran 56km and completed the Two Oceans marathon. How wonderful to have images of your life frozen in time for you to revisit whenever you want, I’m proud to be a passionate photographer and I can honestly say in this image I have never been so glad to have finished anything in my life! All 6 hours 33 minutes of it