What your wedding morning looks like to me.

What your wedding morning looks like for me. I’ll have a small sleep in and not run, I don’t want to be tired at the end of the day. I’ll have breakfast at my house and a coffee from my local coffee shop, I purposely won’t eat anything I’ve never eaten...

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After the wedding what to do with your images!

Lets talk about wedding photos not specifically the taking of the photos or how the photographer (me) was great for you on your wedding day but how are you going to use those photos and what will be their significance to you in the future? The things I'm...

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Do you offer engagement shoots in your packages?

When I have anyone reach out about engagement shoots I would send off the following email to them. This gives them an idea of what I have to offer and after a reply email I would either call or message to see if I can help the couple with their photography needs....

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Ditch the boring seating plan at your wedding.

I going to speak today, about something I want more couples to think about for their wedding celebration. I don't want to call them wedding receptions anymore! With couples realising they can do the whole day their way why do we still call the party a reception?...

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Why do I want to photograph your wedding?

I totally understand how confusing planning a wedding can be! You got engaged and now you are looking at planning the best day of your life, chances are you already have some friends who are married and have lots of advice for you. While its great to get...

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