Are you wanting to Elope? or just have a smaller wedding

I get it! I really do. You may have a smaller guest list or just don't want to spend a small fortune on a wedding day, there is no wrong way to get married just what suits you as a couple. So if your families are on board (and will still speak to you) after you...

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Sunflower wedding Justin & Leigh

Justin and Leigh's day was the perfect example of a wedding done right, I read something the other day which resonated so much with me I have to share it with you. ------------------------------- "Guys we need to talk Today was incredible No one asked me to do...

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A little wedding industry love

Ben & Kylie's video clip   A shoutout to the Jadore crew who took me along to this beautiful wedding to capture photos for Ben & Kylie, Ben had kept this dance a secret so once it started I can remember thinking this wasn't part of the run sheet, but how beautiful it...

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How do you choose colours for your bridesmaids?

How did you go about choosing the colours that you best girls wore on your wedding day? Did you have a colour in mind or did they have some input into the decision? This part of wedding planning can be a lot of fun! Your girls are excited to be a part of your wedding...

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How many hours of wedding photography coverage do I need?

This is one of the most asked questions that I get! When it comes to wedding planning there are so many things that you need to consider, it can easily become so overwhelming and costly. Lets face it most vendors that you speak to will always tell you that you need...

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Wild Wedding Weather

Last weekend the Gold Coast went through quite a big wet weather event, I saw pictures of weddings that were ridiculously wet, grooms standing watching their brides walk down the isle in torrential downpours even! I had a wedding on Monday and rather than worry  I...

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