What your wedding morning looks like to me.

What your wedding morning looks like to me.

What your wedding morning looks like for me.
I’ll have a small sleep in and not run, I don’t want to be tired at the end of the day. I’ll have breakfast at my house and a coffee from my local coffee shop, I purposely won’t eat anything I’ve never eaten before in case it doesn’t agree with me. I’ll pack all of my gear and snacks in the car well before I leave so nothing gets left behind, when I leave I only then have to get myself out the door.
I make sure I have a 30 min buffer for traffic. When I get to the first location, I’m usually only shooting briefly (mostly groom prep) so I cover details and events and when I’m done I’ll then travel to where you are getting ready. I blend in to your morning quietly working through all of the mental lists of a wedding day I have. Because I have a run sheet for myself and I’ve already prepared you for what I’ll be doing you won’t be thinking about me at all. I won’t have to ask you for anything because we are organised. I get to meet the important people in your life and I have fun, I love getting to know people and to see your wedding day unfold and most importantly see you love what the day brings. I’ll snack between locations and you won’t notice but I’m hydrated and not hungry. I’ll organise your photos after the ceremony and deliver you back to the guests on the time we’ve agreed on, and once again I’ll blend back into the party to finish our coverage. When we leave I get home and pop all of my gear into my safe no matter what. The next morning all of the downloading and backup starts, your images will be stored in 3 places and the cards from the cameras kept aside until your images are delivered. My cameras both shoot to dual cards so there is always two copies of everything even before I back up. I guarantee delivery time so you’ll always know when to expect the images and gallery! The reason I’m so invested in telling you all of this is today in a forum I belong to a couple were told that their wedding footage had been lost, gone forever! Don’t take a chance with your day, you are paying a professional price for a reason. Professionals take precautions with every detail because our business is your wedding day!

After the wedding what to do with your images!

After the wedding what to do with your images!

Lets talk about wedding photos not specifically the taking of the photos or how the photographer (me) was great for you on your wedding day but how are you going to use those photos and what will be their significance to you in the future?

The things I’m going to write about today are naturally the things I believe and practice as it matters to me how you look at your wedding day photos in the future.

Galleries – you should be able to access your wedding day gallery anywhere. As long as you have a phone or device and a wifi connection you are good to go.
Imagine you want to post something on social media or show someone a great image, you should be able to do this from your phone. Having a set of folders relevant to each section of your wedding keeps all of your memories organised and easily accessible.
As part of your wedding gallery you will have access to an app for your phone that allows you to store up to 200 of your favourite images as a slideshow!

Albums or coffee table books – get those beautiful images in print, something tangible for people to pick up in your home and talk about. There will always be hero shots that you love and what better way to honour those images than creating prints or canvas, large acrylic art pieces, or acrylic circles. Art is always a great choice!

I don’t disappear after your gallery is delivered I’m here for you with advice and suggestions when you want to honour your images for the future.

Do you offer engagement shoots in your packages?

Do you offer engagement shoots in your packages?

When I have anyone reach out about engagement shoots I would send off the following email to them. This gives them an idea of what I have to offer and after a reply email I would either call or message to see if I can help the couple with their photography needs. Talking about places that they love helps me to give them ideas or maybe they have a spot in mind, then I can expand their idea to what is possible for them.

I’m certainly not about boring photos I want couples to be thrilled. I’ll go the extra mile whether it be finding a remote location to suit them or getting intimate photos for shy couples who have not had photos taken before.

The reason I also love engagement sessions or as I call them (styled pre wedding couples session) is that instantly the couple will know I am on their team! Being comfortable and confident that I am the photographer for them for their wedding day.

Are there other photographers charging less? I get this often. Yes there are but they don’t offer you the time and talent that I will devote to you and your day, nearly every couple I work with have me shoot their baby and family photos. Once you have found me you will have no reason to go anywhere else. I LOVE that about my couples!

So here is my reply to your initial question, after that we will talk about places we can shoot, the time of day we will shoot, clothing choices, a look that they had in mind, love a good pinterest or instagram mood board, and anything else they would like so we can create some magic for them!

Hi Fabulous person (I actually pop their name in that spot!)

Thanks for reaching out, I can do a engagement shoot on it’s own or as part of one of my wedding collections. It’s probably best to work out what you need for your wedding day, how many hours of coverage you would like and if you want a second photographer to get all the moments as your partner gets ready also great to capture extra candid moments during the ceremony and afterwards.

My engagement shoots are written into my second collection (styled pre wedding couples session).

If you are interested in adding one to either of my other collections or having a stand alone session the cost would be $495.00.

These shoots are in beautiful locations or locations meaningful to you, it’s a chance to get killer photos in unique or hard to get to spots, spots that you wouldn’t have time or the ability to get to on your wedding day. 

We include drone images for these as well. You receive 100+ edited images in a online gallery to use how ever you would like. 

I’m more than happy to chat about your photography needs and what you would really love from them.

Cheers Nicole xx

Ditch the boring seating plan at your wedding.

Ditch the boring seating plan at your wedding.

I going to speak today, about something I want more couples to think about for their wedding celebration.

I don’t want to call them wedding receptions anymore! With couples realising they can do the whole day their way why do we still call the party a reception? Doesn’t it sound like a whole heap more fun if you’re invited to a cocktail party or a wedding celebration? I know what I’d rather attend!

Cocktail stye is the very best way to go! more mingling, more fun, loads more dancing and lively conversations. There are tall tables and stools to lean or sit at, wait staff bring a variety of finger food constantly around so no one goes hungry, and if you do have older guests or someone that does want to sit in one spot you can opt for a few tables that don’t have to have names or table settings! You can still decorate tables but no need for place cards (or wasting time planning them). Spend your money on a great bar.

Let your guests talk to and be with who they want to, let the bride and groom mingle freely all night.

As for photo’s there is no camparison, cocktail style wins hands down, candid funny and joyful images of people really enjoying themselves. I can be silently moving around with a longer lens capturing every natural moment without detection.

Just remember the last party you attended that was sensational, did they ask you to sit in one spot for a large amount of time at the start? Why would they thats crazy!!

Just to prove my point how fab does this party look? It was epic! trust me.

If you spend $3000. on your wedding dress what is a appropriate amount to spend on your wedding photography?

If you spend $3000. on your wedding dress what is a appropriate amount to spend on your wedding photography?

Lets talk honestly here, we all know that weddings are one of the biggest expenses, next to your home and raising children that you will face in life.

So it intrigues me when I know that a brides dress is in a certain price range and they are hesitant to look at photography equal or above that price range.

Both things have the power to make you look good on your wedding day!

Your dress however will not help your photographer take better images, or be understanding of lighting, posing and be great with your family and friends. Photographer 1 Dress 0

Your dress will spend max 13 hours with you, your photographer (I can only speak from my experience here) will burn through that 13 hours before the wedding day even arrives. Then you have the day. Then there is the editing and delivery, on average I spend approx 50 hours per wedding if I’m being honest with myself. So again Photographer wins that challenge.

I’ve heard of people framing their dresses, and I’m like what? Why on earth would you do that? I don’t understand that at all! Not even going to pretend that I do! Your photographer gives you hundreds of little pieces of your heart to look at and display (because thats perfectly normal) for the rest of your life, your children’s lives and their children etc etc, you get the picture.

Now the not so fun part about being a photographer, Australia has taxes, a shit tonne of them, like if I earn $3000 Im going to be giving the Australian government around $1000 of that. Don’t get me wrong I’m not disrespecting all the dresses and talented artists who create them I just want to start a conversation about perceived value. The value of wedding photography and a great wedding photographer who like the talented artist creating your dress spend hours keeping their skills updated, always learning. Buying the tools they will need and always updating them.

Research your photographer and if their images speak to you, like you do your dress.

Nicole xx

Beau & Danielle

Beau & Danielle

Beau and Danielle were married on the 09.09.19 a date that was special to them. They choose Mount Tamborine for their wedding ceremony and reception and it was certainly a beautiful day, filled with their personal touches right down to the gifts they had given to each other which were adorable!

They are also both super organised people so their timeline was fabulous and we didn’t let a little wind (ok it was a lot of very cold wind) deter us from the last photo location of the day.

Here are just a few moments from their celebration of love.

Click on the image below to start the slideshow.