Why do I want to photograph your wedding?

Why do I want to photograph your wedding?

I totally understand how confusing planning a wedding can be! You got engaged and now you are looking at planning the best day of your life, chances are you already have some friends who are married and have lots of advice for you.

While its great to get help the biggest and only advice I’m likely to give unless asked is be yourselves! If something doesn’t feel right or doesn’t mean anything to you don’t do it! Think of it as the best party you will ever hold, if you don’t want to cut the cake at the end of the night or even have a cake thats totally up to you. Do whatever feels right for you, which does mean choosing a few key people and places for your day.

Work out how many people you want to come, make a short list of places you would like to get married, if you want to get married in one location and then have the celebration somewhere else thats fine too. Find a celebrant that you really connect with, they can really help out with location spots if you want some help at this point. Most venue’s now will offer either sit down or cocktail style, so choose which you prefer, do you want people mingling with the option of sitting or do you want people to have dedicated seats.

This is usually the spot I come in, when you have made most of the key decisions and are fine tuning everything.

Why do I want to photograph your wedding? Simple, I love being a photographer, more specifically shooting wedding days! If I wasn’t a photographer I would be a stylist, I love fashion and details, beautiful things and events coming together is my ideal day out!

I’m invested in the day as soon as I arrive I’m not looking to tick off a list just to get it done, I’m going the extra mile for you. There is always something fresh and new, even at venues I’ve been to before, new stories to be listened to, I never run out of things to photograph there is always something going on and I’m there as your extra set of eyes so you don’t miss anything.

It’s also pretty special that I get to be my own boss and work from home once the wedding day has finished. I have my two office helpers Luna & Sol (my two dachshunds) who adore that I work from home.

While I try and give couples an idea of who I am here on my webpage ultimately I love to meet with you so we can tell straight away if we connect, I’m going to be with you on your wedding day so I want you to feel totally at ease and confident that I’m on your team!

Cant wait to meet you,

Nicole xx



So you want to get married in a country setting!

So you want to get married in a country setting!

Nothing left to say other than yes please! they are all sorts of wonderful and after yesterday I can honestly say I have come to the realisation that they are my favourite type to shoot.

So for now I will just leave this drone preview from Rochelle and Will’s gorgeous Boonah wedding yesterday here with a promise of more sneak peeks to come this week.